The First Step to Finding Success

Do you ever have that feeling that you are in way over your head? A feeling that you are in deep ocean water? A deepness so vast that you feel like this tiny vulnerable speck just managing to float atop this crushing force surrounding you.

You’ve committed to too many things.

Your business isn’t progressing as quickly as you hoped.

You can’t pinpoint a good starting place.

Ideas remain ideas, and dreams remain dreams.

You feel like you aren’t educated enough; you don’t have the right tools; the right amount of funds, etc.

There are two things all humans fear: not having enough and not being enough. It’s a huge world out there and taking risks equals feeling vulnerable. And vulnerability lowers your defenses. And lowering your defenses may seem like a good way to make yourself weak; vulnerable to failure (not having enough or being enough).

I’m here to tell you: the opposite is true.

By being vulnerable and taking risks, you gain strength, support, and opportunity. By letting go of your fears and opening your heart up to other people, you can make a difference. You can touch lives. You can truly live.

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Brené Brown.

Life may seem easy frolicking in the shallow waters where you can clearly see what is under you; and it is usually an easier place to be in the sense of comfort. But if you want to start a successful blog, open a favorite etsy shop, finish that Ph.D. or be the next millionaire mom, you are going to have to swim out into that dark, deep, and (often) turbulent water.

You are going to have to swim out of your comfort zone, fight the relentless tide, and be the person you are called to be. A calling deep down inside of you that says this is who you are. This is where you are meant to be.

Flow with the tide rather than fighting it. Learn its patterns and habits. Watch it for signs of caution and signs of proceeding.

To be able to grow as a person and successful business person, you have to surrender to your dreams. Put those dreams into goals. Goals into action.

You can set and achieve your goals by taking one step at a time. 

Let’s take the dive together and see what dreams may come.

Here is an incredible Ted Talk by Brené Brown (please watch it if you have a moment).

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