6 Ways To Have Sex When You Cosleep

July 13, 2016
bedsharing and sex and attachment parenting

   “Mom is in the kitchen!”

There seems to be a myth perpetuating that attachment parents and cosleeping/bedsharing parents aren’t able to have sex.

“If your baby is in your bed, how on Earth will you ever be able to have sex again?!”

This is a serious question! How on Earth will we be able to have sex if we can’t use this specific spot at this specific time (because having sex in the same bed at the same time each night isn’t boring at all)? The answer is simple: get creative!

Here are 6 creative ways to have sex if you have a bedsharing little human:

1. “The Date”

Ask a friend to watch your little one for an hour so you can have a “sushi date.” Instead, speed home and have some sex. Pick up your child and gush about the meal.

2. The Plan Ahead-er

When baby is sound asleep, sneak out of the bed Entrapment style. Creep into the living room. Strip your clothes off and lay them perfectly on the ground in the exact position you will need to put them on in case baby wakes up while you are busy.

3. The Sex Blanket

You know that giant, fluffy duvet blanket that you drag out to the living room floor because who wants to have sex on bare itchy carpets or cold wooden floors! It’s also versatile; lay it in the closet, lay it on the washing machine, drape it over the stairs. The sky is the limit!

4. The Sneakers

Lay on the floor beside the bed in the pitch darkness. Speak in barely audible whispers. Prop up a “blocker” pillow on the bed in case the human rolls over in your direction.

5. Bathroom Cleaners

Tell you preschooler you need to help daddy in the bathroom. Lock the door.

6. The Opportunist

Turn on a new kids movie. Plop your little one in front of it. Throw some pretzels down their shirt (so it takes longer to find and eat them). Sprint to the bedroom and lock the door.

There! Now you can’t use the excuse of never having a place to have sex because your bed is occupied.

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