A Homemade Holiday: Awesome DIY Ornaments

‘Tis the season for creating warm memories and beautiful crafts! I have such fond memories of ornaments as a child. Bringing out the boxes with salt dough, paper plate creations, glitter and glue. Each one was a reminder of how much time had passed and all of the experiences held in that timeframe. I hope to give my own kids a magical and heartwarming childhood.

There are a plethora of salt dough and hand print crafts out in the internet world. My hope, with this list, is to venture off of the beaten path with ornaments that are beautiful, unique and inspire a little bit of the magic!

1. Easy Craft Stick “Gift” Ornament

2. Hand Print Ornament
I had to include at least one hand print one!

3. Adorable Craft Stick Character Ornaments

4. I searched high and low for the source of this winter wonderland, but no luck! It seems simple enough to create. Glue down cotton to a piece of cardboard painted white. Glue down your scene. It could be reindeer, trees, Santa, penguins, etc. Cut and tie a piece of twine into the bottom of a clear cup, then glue the cup to the cardboard! I know my son would love this!

5. Cinnamon Stick Ornament

6. Another Cinnamon Stick Ornament!

7. Cinnamon and Applesauce Heart Ornaments
Who can resist cinnamon and apples wafting in the air mixed with a pine tree. Yum!

8. Spiral Beaded Ornament
This would be so pretty! Probably better suited up high if you have littles, like me, that likes to Hulk smash things.

9. Bird Seed Ornaments for our feathered friends!

10. Paint Filled Ornaments
For littles, I would just pour in a few paints, tape over the top, and let them shake, twist and spin them.

11. Seashell and Sand Ornament
This is just gorgeous!

12. Snowman Bottle Cap Ornament

13. Pine Cone Reindeer Ornament

14. Twig Arrow Ornaments

15. Twig Ornament
These could also be a perfect tree topper!

16. Felt and Pine Cone Gnomes
I am in love with these! They aren’t, technically, ornaments. But I plan to tie some twine to their adorable pointy hats and hang them on my tree!

17. I wasn’t able to find the original source for this one either, but I love the idea of the everyone’s print on the ornament. Along with the date to look back on.

18. Time Capsule Ornament
This one pulls on the heart strings. What a great idea!

I saved the best for last! No holiday would be complete without it.

19. The Golden Snitch Ornament
I love Harry Potter! Well, actually, I love Remus Lupin.

There you have it! I hope you feel inspired to create some beautiful art with your kids!

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