Family bed inspiration: Twelve gorgeous bedrooms

Have you ever wanted to set up a family bed, but worried you couldn’t pull it off without an interior design fiasco? Do you want to take your mattress off the bed frame, but don’t want to look like you’re sleeping in a junkyard?

We’ve gathered up a dozen pictures of beautiful family beds for eye candy and inspiration.

1. This bed for a family of seven made its way into the Washington Post. The baby sleeps in the middle with mom and dad. The older four kids sleep in the bunk beds on each side. Does it get any cozier than this?

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2. A beautiful, bohemian bed plus bed. One side is pushed against the wall to keep little ones from falling out. On the other side is a night stand for adults. That’s one great way to keep your bed frame while keeping a taller bed safe for young co-sleepers.

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3. A lovely family bed in king + twin size. Cohesive bedding goes a long way toward the bed look unified instead of haphazard. The wall-to-wall bed makes for an adorable nook too.

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4. This family has found a way to make a floor bed look inviting and cozy. The art, pillows, and colorful decor make it come together.


5. For those who aren’t ready to embrace total bed-sharing yet, a sidecar crib or cot can be a nice option. This family does it beautifully. The key is to line up the height, so that the crib is at or below the height of the big bed.

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6. What kid doesn’t love sleeping on the top bunk? This charming setup lets them have their top bunk and stay close to their parents too.


7. King bed + full bed is this family’s recipe for simple and gorgeous.

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8. The ultimate luxury. Double king beds. We love the colorful yet peaceful wall as a backdrop.


9. How refreshing is this bedroom haven in white? Spacious and elegant. 

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10. Is your bedroom surrounded by wall-to-ceiling windows with an ocean view? Yeah, ours isn’t either. But one can dream.

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11. This superbed comes from a hotel in Amsterdam. A family bed while on vacation? Sign us up!

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12. Family bed, small bedroom edition. Sometimes it seems like you need a bedroom the size of football field to pull of a really large bed. This family shows it isn’t so. Wall-to-wall beds can be gorgeous.

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Do you have a family bed? We would love to see it! Email us a picture at [email protected].






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  2. That’s so great! I think a lot of us start out just feeling our way around and trying to follow the mainstream advice. And then we realize that our intuition had it right all along. You are doing great! Enjoy those cuddles!

  3. My daughter has just turned 7mnths, she is my first, and since 6mnths has spent most nights in bed with us. Waking 4-5x a night for breastfeeds bedsharing just allowed me some extra sleep but now I couldn’t think of any other way loving the closeness, time to get a bigger bed!! I had spent the first 6mnths trying to follow the sleep books and web pages designed to train your baby to self settle and nap longer making me anxious and everyone upset. And we had planned to move bub into her own room at 6mnths. Naps are now in the sling or pram our laying down to feed and there are no tears just loving cuddles. Thank you for your bedroom inspirations!

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