Giveaway #5: A Baby Doll Carrier in The Very Hungry Caterpillar Print

Welcome to the final day of our week-long celebration of giveaways and growth! You can find the first four giveaways as follows:

  1. $50 Gift Card to Milk & Baby.
  2. 4-Pack of Earth Grown KidDough.
  3. Roar Minky Lovey.
  4. Wooden Box of Feelings Toy Gift Set.

Today we are featuring this beautiful doll carrier from Hannah Mades LLC. 

I am a huge babywearing advocate. It saved my sanity after becoming a mother of 2. I’ve had all types of baby carriers myself (soft structure carriers, ring slings, wraps, wrap conversions, etc.) I am a firm believer that children will watch your every move so you should lead by example. My son has seen me wear his sister and now he has his own Dirt Bike print doll carrier that he carriers his dinosaurs in. Nothing warms my heart more than seeing a young boy growing up to be an amazing father. Even my husband, who wasn’t into babywearing in the beginning, now has carried our kids many times. Just a week ago we took the kids to a concert and he had our 3.5 year old on his back.

If you would like to purchase your own gorgeous doll carrier, you can find Hannah Mades LLC at the contacts below.
[email protected]
Instagram: @hannahmadesllc

How to enter:

  1. Like Hannah Mades LLC on Facebook.
  2. Like Pocketful of Pebbles on Facebook.
  3. Comment and tag a friend in this post.

*This giveaway is open to U.S. residents.

As we wrap up this week of celebrating, we just want to reflect on our own journey with Pocketful of Pebbles. Before we started this adventure, we were anxious. “Are we enough? Can we really live up to the mission that we have envisioned for ourselves?” We were also excited. Stepping up and putting yourself out there can be daunting. You have to open your heart and be vulnerable to make these connections with strangers.  We were feeling around in the dark in the beginning (and still are a bit, if we are being honest), but we feel empowered. We took a chance. We believed in ourselves and our worth. And we are building true, real, and raw relationships with people that we have never met in the flesh. Our tribe is growing. Our confidence is growing. Our hearts are growing and opening up to new and frightening possibilities. We couldn’t have reached this without all of you. So thank you for believing in us. For encouraging us. And for following along and reading these words that are the key to our hearts.

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