Home Made Gift Kits For Kids

Sensory Play Kit
Even as an adult I love sensory play activities! Imagine delving your hands into a whole tub of water beads, styrofoam balls, coloured rice, scented cloud dough and of course some good old regular play dough.

Lego Travel Kit
This is the perfect kit all ready to take travelling, to a cafe or just for at home on a rainy day.

Lego & Activity Cards Kit
Another ideal kit to take along with you to a cafe or restaurant. Plus it’s great for developing fine motor and visual discrimination skills.

Doctor Kit
I can’t wait to make this for my girls. They currently use whatever they can lay their hands on to substitute as a stethoscope, torch, injection, tweezers and so on.

Portable Drawing Kit
As a four year old I could draw for hours on end. This would have been a dream gift!

Tic Tac Toe or Noughts & Crosses
Here’s a fun and easy to take anywhere portable little game.

Animal Habitat Mini Tubs Kit
So many children would love these habitat tubs and the play opportunities are endless.

Puppet Making Kit
Puppets - great fun and perfect for wild and endless imaginations.

Gardening Kit
I think every child would love to have their very own gardening kit and little patch of garden to create and take care of. Even as one year olds our girls loved digging in the dirt.

Fairy House Kit
Our girls have been given something similar to this - they adore it. I can tell it will provide many, many days of fun and magical imaginings.

Play Dough Construction Kit
Play dough all on its own is already perfect, but paired with some stones, pebbles and construction vehicles!..it’s a recipe for adventure and excitement for busy little hands.

Budding Scientist Kit
Experiments with sound and colour, things that fizz and pop! Just about every child would love the chance to turn into a little scientist. It’s time to mix some potions and perform a few exciting experiments.

Stationary Kit
Another kit I would have loved as a kid. Actually, I still love stationary! This is perfect for designing pretty notes and craft projects.

Disguise Kit
What’s not to love about dressing up?! Add to it an element of going incognito and there’s no end to where young imaginations can go.

Finger Puppet Kit
Fun, creative and ideal for developing fine motor skills. You can go with a theme and include a song and story or leave it open ended.

Rainbow Play Dough Kit
Play dough - ideal for building strength in little hands. There’s nothing quite like home made play dough that’s been coloured and scented.

Big Sister or Brother Bag
Such a beautiful gift to give older siblings when a little brother or sister is born. I definitely want to make these for our girls for the upcoming arrival of little “Flower” as Fudge calls him or her.

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