You Know You’re An Attachment Parent When…



Attachment parenting is a way of life that promotes a secure parent-child attachment. It is a belief that children are people too, that punishments are worthless, and that makes parents question and research everything they ever do. People that practice attachment parenting focus on nurturing bonds through empathy and closeness.

Not sure if you practice attachment parenting or not? Check out these 10 characteristics that might signify an attachment family!

1. Wait! What is that sound? Oh, it’s just me trying to tear off my Velcro baby.

2. Your breasts are the equivalent of pancakes.

It’s true. I was chasing my toddler while hunched over and could hear them slapping against my torso.

3. You wear holes in the knees of your jeans from crouching down so often when you speak to your child.

4. You constantly question rules and authority; usually your own.

5. You have an addiction problem. To baby carriers.

6. Your child asks what naughty means.

7. You have 2 beds pushed together to make a giant family bed.

8. You complain to your partner that your kid won’t stop whining about eevvveeerrryyythhiinngg. And your partner replies, “maybe he just needs some connection.”

9. You change the subject frequently when you receive well-meaning, terrible advice from family during the holidays.

“You know that baby is manipulating you when you pick it up every time it cries.”

“Lovely weather we are having. Did you do something to your hair?”

10. You have sex everywhere but the bed.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list, but it definitely rings true for me! What are some funny signs that show you practice attachment parenting too?


  1. Yes! All of this. It’s great to see that parents like us actually DO exist!

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