A Rising Tide


As waves crash over her tiny body, she embraces them.

Flows with them.

Becomes them.

Her emotions ebb and flow.

Lie smooth as glass.

Rise up in massive swells, crashing down on everything within reach.

Her tears just as salty. Her power just as mighty as the dark fluid mass rolling through the ocean.

Constantly changing. Always beautiful. Raw.


As waves crash over her, she remains solid, unmovable, and calm.

She welcomes them.

Embraces them.

In the stillness, she is always present.

In the storm, she stands solid at the heart of it all.

As each wave crashes, she is slowly shaped and chiseled, becoming smooth and soft.

Pebbles free themselves, little by little, and are carried with the waves, wherever they may go.

She is one with the waves. A calming, solid force embracing the waves. No matter their form. No matter their intensity.


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