Sometimes I Just Want to Get Out of the F’ing Bed!

Attachment Parents, you know what I’m talking about right?

I’m talking about the epic bedtime nights, the nights where you nurse your 17 month old to sleep and then your 5 year old comes up and flops around for an hour while you tell stories and sing to her, trying to get her to just relax and stop moving long enough to notice she is tired. And yes, she was tired, she just didn’t want to be tired. And when a nearly 5 year old doesn’t WANT to do something…well, look out, am I right?!

So anyways, she flops around and scritches and scratches for an hour and finally caves and falls asleep, just in time for your 17 month old to wake up and want another nursing session….blergh.

Finally, he’s asleep and I’ve escaped the room. Looking back at my text chain with my husband tells me I was lying in that bed in a pitch black room for 2.5 hours in total. Gah.

And what did AP parents do before smart phones whilst lying in pitch black rooms tending to their children’s needs? I would feel much more alone and out of touch without my phone in those times. No joke, I would be a worse parent without it on nights like tonight.

My frustration level actually stayed pretty low tonight in the throes of it all, maybe because while I sang to my daughter I was writing this post in my head to keep myself sane.

Yes, sometimes I just go to sleep with them. And many nights are much more straightforward and both kids are asleep in 20 minutes, but on nights like this I just want to get out of the f’ing bed!

OK, time to go sit in a room where I can see my hand in front of my face and maybe drink a glass of wine.

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