Your Voice Becomes Their Inner Voice

November 2, 2015

The first time I heard someone say your voice will become their inner voice I didn’t fully comprehend the truth and weight of the statement. It sounded a little full on and I personally felt an added pressure to this already incredibly hard parenting gig.

However,  I started noticing my own internal voice….
It’s tone was a little harsh,  critical and unforgiving of myself.
It’s message was often that I could do better,  that I didn’t deserve love unless I behaved in a certain way,  that things needed to be done well,  actually they needed to be done perfectly.

My parents have good hearts, they meant well and they love me.  They certainly didn’t intend for many of their well meaning approaches to create such an unhealthy inner voice.

I’ve realised that, whether I like it or not, this is most definitely one of the many  responsibilities we as parents carry.

* We are responsible for the way our children see themselves.

* Our words become the words they say to themselves (and others).

* The tone we use sends a message just as clearly as our words and becomes a powerful aspect of their internal dialogue.

With this awareness I cannot but examine my own verbal and non verbal communication. I am forced to think about what kind of inner voices I would like my children to have and how they perceive themselves and their world.

I want them to speak kindly and compassionately, with hope and integrity.

I want them to be forgiving of themselves and not judgemental or conditional.

May their own inner voice
* inspire
* motivate
* love and
* accept themselves.

As a result may they have courage, resilience and self acceptance.  This is my heart’s desire for my children as I try to daily remember the power of my words and tone.

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