Bare It All

March 12, 2016

Today, I would like to introduce Suzanne Tucker, the mastermind behind Generation Mindful.

When my son was just seven months old, I felt a bit lost. I didn’t parent the way others I knew did; advice from well-meaning friends just didn’t sit right with me. I was looking for a true, authentic connection with people that understood my choices, and even more rare, supported and embraced them. I found a local mom’s group that spoke of empathy, connection, intuition and I signed up immediately.

Play date day had arrived. I walked up the steps to a gorgeous home feeling anxious and excited. I didn’t know anyone in my new town and it was a huge leap of faith to go meet a bunch of new people when I felt so lost myself. I was immediately greeted with a hug, a smile, and warmth from the group creator, Suzanne. Suzanne spoke so gently to her twins and even more gently to my anxious infant. She asked about me, my heart, my intuition. She talked about trusting ourselves, maintaining our center, and following our bliss. I left that play date with a group of new friends that truly cared about me, the real me, not just a shallow, superficial, guarded me. They penetrated my walls with unconditional love and support.

I stayed in that town with Suzanne for 2 years. She held my baby and loved on him so that I could have a break. She allowed me to capture her family from behind my camera lens. She reached out when I was being a recluse, to encourage me back out of my shell. She will be a life long friend and inspiration to many, myself included.

Suzanne has taken a leap of faith and started a new company called Generation Mindful. Their mission statement is “connecting the generations…{playfully}. Slowing life down to pause. To connect. To celebrate the little moments.”

She has given me permission to share a letter that she wrote, about being vulnerable, fighting fear, and daring to live greatly.


“Hi mamas,

You know when you do something and it really puts you out there in a way that leaves you feeling not at all safe, and you feel like you want to vomit? Yeah. That.

I have butterflies the size of birds in my stomach right now and I skipped dinner. I was supposed to send this earlier but…yeah…My mind was too busy saying things to me like “Who the hell do you think you are?” and “So you think you can make a difference in the world, huh??” for me to actually sit down and write to you.

I’m telling you all of this because I do that. I think it helps me feel less alone to just say it out loud like this, so i can GET THE HELL OVER IT. Because when I get really quiet (that’s what I did about 6 PM when my husband got home and I turned the reigns of four children and dinner and bedtimes ALL OVER TO HIM), when I did that, I was able to hear a different, quieter voice whispering to me.

This other voice said, “Breathe Suzanne. Just breathe.” and then it said “You’ve got this.” and my whole body softened. And then it got kinda stern with me saying, ‘You’re going to do this thing. You are! Who the hell do you think you are NOT TO DO THIS THING…’

And so yeah, that voice sorta won out and so here I am, writing to all of you beautiful mamas, to tell you about the cause of my bird-sized-butterflies. A thing I’ve poured myself into for the past year. It is finally ready to be born and I’m scared as hell, but I’m excited too.”


Reading Suzanne’s letter reminds me that being vulnerable is scary. You are painstakingly removing all barriers to the core of your existence, and saying “here I am world, take it or leave it.” To be creative, to grow, to inspire, you must be willing to fail spectacularly. In the book Daring Greatly by BrenĂ© Brown, she says “courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen…at the very core is vulnerability and worthiness: facing uncertainty, exposure, and emotional risks, and knowing that we are enough.”

We need to believe in ourselves, that we are enough, that we are extraordinary in everything we do, big or small. Be real. Be raw. Be connected. That is our purpose.


Learn more about Suzanne, Generation Mindful, and her debut game, for building mindfulness and compassion (playfully!) called PeaceMakers HERE. Join me in supporting her launch and receive $10 OFF and free shipping through 3/22.

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