Born To Fly

November 1, 2015

Growing up, I wanted to be a chef. A journalist. A teacher. A children’s book author. A missionary. A world traveler. An actor. A doctor. I wanted to start an orphanage. Design a clothing line. Save the whales. Save the planet.

Growing up, I believed that I could do these things and be successful, but I never tried them. I was filled with doubt by the naysayers. That I was only one person. That it cost too much. That it was too much work. I always dreamed big, but was always afraid to take that first real step.

I wanted to succeed. I wanted to be happy.

Growing up, my mom used to always tell me that I was like a kite. That I’d go wherever the wind blew.

My life hasn’t gone in a direction that I foresaw because who can really predict which way the wind will blow? But it has been an adventure that just keeps getting better!

Join me and a few of my closest friends on this high flying adventure that will make you laugh, make you cry, inspire the happy in you, and encourage you to dare to truly live.


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